Mea culpa.jpg

Mea Culpa - The San Andreas Fault Project

A landscape sculpture project addressing the impending movement of the San Andreas Fault.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial Design Competition

One of the nearly 2500 design submittals with commentary.


Symposion Nordseekuste - Cuxhaven, Germany

A series of installations and performances based on the theme of "Weather" on the North Sea Coast in the month of November.


The Place of Broken Promises

The last battle of WWII was fought in Yugoslavia five days after the Nazi surrender. This project designed and constructed a memorial for this battle.

Mission district police station.jpg

Mission District Police

A San Francisco Holding Tank needed some seating. They got more than they bargained for.

Time Garden.jpg

The Garden of Time for The Minnesota State Prison for Women

A two-acre garden of transition from the prison to the halfway house. It is filled with decisions that must be made. A ritual pathway for inmates.

Context for lulu 2016.jpg

The island of Vasseviere, France

A nine-ton granite marker for the site of an ancient spring in France.